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Welcome To The Dade County Missouri History Homepage
The purpose of this page is to hightlight the people and history of Dade County, Missouri. You will learn about the history of the area and the people who made that history.

Much emphasis now rest on the places more than the people, yet, I know that people are what make the places what they are.

As I look at the history of this county I realize how important local history is and am doing all I can to preserve the past of Dade County, Missouri.

Enjoy your time portal to the past of Dade County, Missouri.

Updated July 2, 2009:

After several years of no changes, I will be working on this page over the next few days.  The Washington Hotel is gone now but I will leave some information about that there.  I will also be building information about the Helphenstine Building on the Greenfield public square.  This building is more commonly known as the Lewis Store to this generation. 

If you are a graduate of Greenfield High School then be sure to visit the group that I have started to help people who attended or graduated from Greenfield High School get reconnected.  It is totally free so just click here: onto your browser or you may click on any pictures of the schools to go directly there.  I have set it up so that you have to apply but that is only a technicallity designed to help give limited protection to your privacy.  Other members can view your email address but otherwise you should be protected.

Vintage Views of Lockwood, Missouri

The above photos are taken from a folder of postcards mailed from Lockwood, Missouri November 21, 1911 to Mabel Jones in Phillips County, Kansas.

To view the pictures individually visit the old photos page!!

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1880's Cabinet Photo, Who is Dick Merrill?

Maybe a better question is, How are these gentlemen connected to Dick Merrill.  Dick Merrill's name is written on the back in pencil (?).  I checked the 1880 Federal Census for Dade County and find Dick Merrill at the ripe old age of 9.

The information reads:

1880 Federal Census, Dade County, Missouri,Center Township, Dwelling 51:

MERRILL, Harry 44 *# NY ?? VT

Harriet B. 24 w MO TN VT

Richard H. 9 son MO NY MO

John 6 son MO NY MO

Annie 4 dau MO NY MO

CLEAVLAND, Bell 18 #*# ?? ?? ??

#* attorney

#*# cook

(Transcribed and Published by the Dade County Missouri Historical Soceity, April 1975, p. 61)


They are the only Merrill's listed. The photo was taken at Stephenson's Photo Studio in Greenfield.


If you have any information about this photo or these men let me know.  Also, the seller of the card stated in the description that is is an 1880's photo but I still need to research Stephenson's Photo Studio to see when they were in business.

I would like to dedicate this web site to my brother, James.

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